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Switch Gear

*Complete Installation & Wiring
*GFCI Protection Switch Gear
*Switch Gear Plug Installation
          *And Much More...

Buss Duct

*Buss Duct Reinforcement
 *Buss Bar Replacement
 *Heat Detection Survey
     *And Much More...


*Buck Booster Transformers
 *Transformer Coil Tapping
   *Dry Type Transformers
        *And Much More...

C/T Cabinets

*Installation of New Cabinets
 *New Taps for Equipment
    *Replacement Cabinets
       *And Much More...

Factory Lighting

*High Output Florescent Lighting
      *Metal Halide Lighting
      *High Pressure Lighting
         *And Much More...

Control Wiring

*Installation of Control Panels
  *Control Trouble Shooting
     *Control Panel Rebuild
         *And Much More...

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